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Car headlight

Advancements in car headlight technology

Headlights have been an integral part of car design since the first proper cars came into the limelight. The main function of car headlights have always been to illuminate the roads so as to make traveling by car at night possible, but nowadays all the roads are illuminated by streetlights and there is very little need for headlights if you only travel around in the city. But if go for long trips or night drives then headlights are a must. From the ancient incandescent bulbs to the modern LEDs, there have been tons of advancements in car headlight technology over the past decades. Let’s look at some of the major advancements in this technology .


Audi has made a name for itself as one of the most prominent car headlight designers out there. They produce headlights with best in class quality and top end technology, in fact Audi was the first car manufacturer to roll out LED car headlights which was a revelation in terms of headlight technology. The LED lights ensure minimum use of the car’s battery while giving the maximum light output which is common for LEDs. Though Audi was the first company to introduce LED headlights it has soon become a worldwide standard. Audi has built a light assistance center. At the LEC they design, finalize and test out new and better headlight designs. The have a 120 meter long tunnel where they test out their best and newest designs.


BMW is another company which is on level terms with Audi, producing best in class headlights and making great breakthroughs in headlight technology. Just like Audi, the BMW also incorporated Laser LEDs into their newest car concept including BMW’s newest hybrid, the I8. The technology makes use of lasers to pin point the required light direction and give the maximum light output towards that direction so that the effective lighting is increased considerably. BMW makes use of light sensors and lasers to measure the outside light and increases or decreases the intensity of the LED light according to the measurements made . These sensors have proved vital in reducing the power usage to output characteristics.  These lasers help in changing the direction of the light according to the curvature of the road. The lasers also detect movements from people or animals in front of the vehicle.

Bulb out warning sensors

The leading car manufacturers are working on sensors that have the ability to measure the lifetime of an LED bulb and inform the driver about the possibility of any of the headlights or any other lights failing in the future


They make sure that the car is always update to help ensure safety as well as innovation. They are very knowledgeable and show passion towards their work.

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